Evacuation Zone Will Be Reduced Again Tomorrow

As reported on May 14 during the Virtual Wheatley Town Hall Meeting, the evacuation zone is being reduced. The fence defining the northern boundary of the evacuation zone is being moved this week. Effective Friday, May 20 several residents on Elm St. Erie St. N. and Foster St. will have access to their properties. The following properties remain within the evacuation zone 34 Foster St., 47 Erie St. N. and 14 Elm St. Properties located along Talbot Trail that appear to be outside of the new reduced evacuation zone will remain inaccessible until Talbot Road opens to traffic.

Additional work is planned for next week that is needed for further reductions in the emergency zone to take place. Updates will be provided when the date of this additional work has been confirmed. Talbot Road will still remain closed to throughway traffic until the work is completed.