Municipal Communications Survey

As the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, we strive to maintain open and honest communication with our residents and employees and are committed to providing relevant, accurate and timely information that is accessible to all residents and visitors.

This fall, Corporate Communications will be conducting a resident survey and interviewing focus groups to measure the effectiveness of our communications and form the basis of the 2023-2026 Municipal Communication Plan.

We recognize the growing demand for open and two-way communication, as well as the importance of listening to our citizens, gathering feedback and expanding the use of technology in accessing information. This Municipal Communication Plan will be a living document and will be reviewed and updated annually as part of our commitment to continuously improve service and will support communication practices and influence communications-related policies and procedures.

With the Municipal Communication Plan as a foundation, we will set standards for future communication practices. We recognize the variety of communication needs within our population and want to set a standard for providing information that is consistent, transparent, effective, coordinated and well-managed.

The Municipal Communication Plan will also review the Municipality’s previous communication planning projects as well as current communication initiatives, and provide vision, goals and strategic actions to guide and enhance the future of our communications.

Residents wishing to participate in the survey can find it on Let’s Talk Chatham-Kent:  

For more information contact:

Amy Wilcox
Manager of Corporate Initiatives
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
519-360-1998 x 3055