Conductor and Casing Pipe Work to Begin on APEC 1

Work on the coring of the conductor pipe on the APEC 1 well in Wheatley will begin this week with the installation of a new case inside the conductor pipe. The casing is to replace the old casing and will be cemented in bedrock. Once the casing is installed, cement will fill the space between the conductor and casing pipes. Testing of this portion of work will begin on September 6th.  

Once that is completed, work crews will undertake geophysical tests to ensure the site is ready for the next phase of plugging the well with cement.

A town hall meeting will be held in Wheatley in the second week of September. The location and timing of the event will be shared later this week. The meeting will be an in-person meeting with options for participants to watch live on the Municipal Facebook and YouTube channels.

There has been no gas emission at the site since July 6.

If at any time residents detect the smell of gas, they are asked to immediately call 9-1-1.

For more information contact:

Don Shropshire

Amy Wilcox
Manager, Corporate Initiatives & Communications
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
519-360-1998 x 3055