Chatham-Kent Plans to Paint the Town

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is pleased to announce a pilot project with Entegrus and Impact Graphics to “Paint the Town.”

"Paint the Town" is a collaborative effort between local artists and the Municipality to beautify our community and promote public art.

Through this program, local artists will have the opportunity to showcase their talents by submitting designs that will be made into wraps for traffic signals and electrical boxes throughout our community. The funds provided by Mayor Darrin Canniff to finance this project are from the Hydro One Community Benefit program, which is designated by Hydro One for recreational and art projects.

These boxes are often overlooked and can be an eyesore, but with the "Paint the Town" program, they will become vibrant works of art that showcase our community's creativity and identity.

“Public art plays a crucial role in building vibrant, welcoming communities. It has the power to inspire, educate, and bring people together, creating a sense of identity and pride in our community. By investing in public art, we are investing in our community's cultural legacy and providing opportunities for local artists to showcase their talents. I believe public art is not just a luxury but a necessity in creating a thriving, dynamic community.", said Mayor Canniff.

“Entegrus is proud to support the Municipality and local artists on the ‘Paint the Town’ initiative,” stated Jim Hogan, President, and CEO of Entegrus. “We are happy to assist in showcasing the artists in our community.”

This program is an excellent opportunity to support our local artists and enhance the visual appeal of our community. It also aligns with our commitment to promoting public art and culture in our community, which is an essential component of creating a vibrant and welcoming community.

We are excited to see the impact the "Paint the Town" program will have on our community and look forward to seeing the pedestrian traffic signals boxes and electrical boxes transformed into works of art.

In the coming weeks, there will be a call for local artist designs. Stay tuned.

We are also launching a contest. The first person to email with the location of all six boxes – one per ward, will win a gift certificate from Pizazz Florals and Balloons.

Mayor Canniff wishes to thank Entegrus, Impact Graphics, and artists Charlotte Case, Wendy Reaume and Ella Matesic.

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