Celebrating Black History in Chatham-Kent

Members of the community came together today for a flag-raising ceremony at the Chatham Civic Centre to celebrate the first day of Black History Month.

Our CAO, Michael Duben, shared, “Black History Month is a time to honour the people who came before us, who created pathways where they didn’t exist. As a young Black lawyer 28 years ago, I had to work hard, but I didn’t experience as many challenges because of the work of people who went before me, people like Robert Sutherland, Delos Davis and Violet Henry. But there is still a lot of work to be done. This month we honour those who have gone before us and continue our work to pave the way for an inclusive and fair Chatham-Kent.”

The flag-raising was held by the Josiah Henson Museum of African-Canadian History, the Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society and Black Mecca Museum, and the Buxton National Historic Site and Museum.

“Chatham-Kent was a historic destination of refuge for those fleeing slavery and oppression. Our communities were founded on hope. Black communities have shaped who we are today,” said Mayor Darrin Canniff. “I encourage everyone to participate in our local Black History events and activities this month. Together, let’s build a stronger understanding and appreciation for our local Black history today and for generations to come.”

Chatham-Kent Tourism is promoting community activities throughout the month of February celebrating the rich Black history we have here in Chatham-Kent. Learn more about how you can participate at https://www.chatham-kent.ca/visitck/doandsee/heritage/undergroundrailroad/Pages/black-history-month-in-chatham-Kent.aspx.

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