Call for Volunteers: Grant Review Committee

The Together CK Review Committee is looking to fill two volunteer positions.

The Together CK Grant Program is a municipal grant matching program that provides 50% funding to community groups for events and projects. The Review Committee is composed of municipal and community volunteers that review and evaluate the applications on behalf of the Municipality and provide funding recommendations to Council.

The Municipal Grant Review Committee plays an important role in ensuring that the grant funds are distributed fairly and effectively and that the projects funded align with the community's priorities. Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn more about the community's needs and contribute to its growth and development.

"We are seeking dedicated volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in our community," said the Chairperson of the Review Committee, Fannie Vavoulis. "The Municipal Grant Review Committee is an excellent opportunity to give back and help ensure that our community's needs are met."

“As Mayor, I cannot overstate the importance of the Municipal Grant Program and the incredible work of the volunteers who make up the Grant Review Committee. The grants provided by this program are essential to supporting local events, initiatives, and projects that make our community a better place to live, work, and visit.”

“The hard work and dedication of the volunteers on the Review Committee ensure that grant funds are distributed fairly and effectively and that the projects funded align with the community's priorities. Without their commitment and expertise, we would not be able to achieve the great success that we have seen with this program. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the volunteers of the Municipal Grant Review Committee for their service to our community. Your contributions make a significant difference in the lives of our residents, and I am proud to work alongside you in support of our shared goals.", stated Mayor Canniff.

Volunteers will be selected based on their experience, skills, and expertise. The Committee is seeking individuals with a background in finance, social services, or other relevant fields. Applicants must be residents of legal age, a resident of Chatham-Kent and able to commit to attending monthly meetings.

To apply, interested individuals should submit a resume and complete the online application form on Let’s Talk Chatham-Kent.

The deadline for applications is Friday, May 5th, 2023

Media Contact:

Amy Wilcox
Manager, Corporate Initiatives & Communications
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
519-360-1998 x 3055