2024-2027 Multi-Year Budget Online Survey

Chatham-Kent officials have launched this year’s online survey designed to gather public input on where and how their property tax dollars are spent.

At Let's Talk Chatham-Kent residents can have their say on the 2024-2027 Chatham-Kent budget through a survey that allows them to express their thoughts on what services they deem important and whether spending should be increased or decreased.

The survey is comprised of a number of wide-ranging questions. Throughout the survey, participants are asked to provide as much information as they like.

This first multi-year process is entitled ‘Investing in Today. Empowering Tomorrow’.

The survey concludes with an opportunity for residents to provide general comments. The survey results and public comments will be used by the administration in the development of the budget and will be provided to Chatham-Kent Council prior to deliberations.

Steve Brown, Chatham-Kent’s Director of Budget & Performance Services, said the online survey provides residents the opportunity to assist in developing the municipality’s spending plan for the next four years.

Brown said the survey is the first of two surveys that residents will have an opportunity to participate in. This survey provides residents with the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions as the budget is developed. The second survey to be launched in late summer will allow residents to weigh in on potential recommended changes prior to the draft budget being released to Council on November 15th. Completing the surveys doesn’t preclude residents from voicing their opinions later as well. “The more information we have and the earlier we have it, the better we can understand the needs of the community,” he said.

The online survey will be open until June 26, 2023.

Citizens are also encouraged to bring budget concerns to their Councillors at any time through email or by phone.

For more information, contact:

Steve Brown
Director of Budget & Performance Services
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
519-360-1998 x 3100