Bylaw requires residents to pre-treat sidewalks

With the potential for ice and snow in the coming days, our Public Works staff is currently monitoring weather forecasts and crews will begin salting and plowing when required to ensure roads remain as safe as possible.

There is a substantial probability that ice will form on our sidewalks. Residents and property owners are reminded that although the municipality plows all sidewalks in the winter, property owners/occupants, other than those within Downtown Business Areas, are required to pre-treat any sidewalk surrounding their property within the next 24 hours. De-icing is also required within 48 hours following a snowfall in accordance with bylaw # 178-2019.

What you can do:

  • Clear snow before it settles, hardens, and packs-down
  • Chip ice during the day when it is softer and easier to break
  • Use sand or salt to increase traction and/or melt ice from the sidewalk

Chatham-Kent’s Snow Plow Tracker and Frequently Asked Questions for winter control can be found on the municipal website at



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