Bottled Water Being Distributed to Vulnerable Populations in Wheatley and Tilbury

As the boiled water advisory continues throughout the Wheatley and Tilbury area, an emergency supply of bottled water is being brought into the communities as a precautionary measure.

CK Public Health and Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission are working with Chatham-Kent Economic Development to ensure that vulnerable people have access to free bottled water should the need arise. To date, bottled water has been distributed to the Wheatley Resource Centre and the Tilbury Food Bank.

During a boil water advisory, as per CK Public Health guidelines, water is safe to be consumed after bringing it to a rolling boil for one minute. This advisory measure is in place until CK Public Health receives additional information regarding the stability of the water system.

Status updates on the boil water advisory can be found by calling the Water Advisory Update Line at 519-436-3250.

For more information contact:

Eric Labadie

Manager, Corporate Communications

Municipality of Chatham-Kent