Boil Water Advisory and Water Conservation Request Remain in Effect

The Boil Water Advisory, which was issued the evening of Wednesday, September 13th due to a loss in pressure through the distribution system, remains in effect. This advisory is issued to all consumers of the Chatham-Kent Municipal Water Distribution Systems for Wheatley and Tilbury, including:

  • Mint Waterline Association
  • D&O Waterline Association
  • 3rd Concession Waterline Association
  • 3rd & 4th Concession Waterline Association
  • KOA Waterline Association
  • Cedar Inn Water Line Association
  • Richardson Sideroad Waterline Association
  • Tecumseh Waterline Association
  • Tilbury Townline Waterline Association
  • Leamington (Wheatley DS)

As the South Water Treatment Plant system is assisting in feeding water to the Wheatley and Tilbury systems through interconnect valves, The Public Utilities Commission is also asking customers served by the South Water Treatment Plant (which includes the communities of Blenheim, Merlin, Coatsworth, Shrewsbury, Rondeau and Erieau) to conserve water until further notice.

Residents are encouraged to call the Water Advisory Line at 519-436-3250, which is accessible 24/7, should they be looking for updates on the advisory status.

Media Contact:

Caress Lee

Community Outreach & Public Relations Officer

CK Public Health