Artful Community Signs - Thamesville

As part of his commitment to improving the quality of life of his community, Councillor Pinsonneault has allocated funds from his annual allotment of the Councillor Ward Grant funds to update the entrance signs of Thamesville, with financial assistance from the Thamesville Improvement Association and Thamesville Sertoma Club Inc. The Councillors Ward Funding Program is a program funded through Hydro One Community Benefit Contribution, where funds can only be used for capital assets that are recreation, or arts and culture. 

These signs will not only enhance the visual appeal of the community but will also serve as an opportunity to incorporate art into everyday life.

The entrance signs to Thamesville serve as a visual representation of the community and are an important aspect of the community's identity. Councillor Pinsonneault recognized the need to update these signs to ensure they accurately represent the community's values and vision for the future.

The new entrance signs will feature artistic elements that reflect the unique character of Thamesville, while also promoting community engagement and civic pride. Councillor Pinsonneault believes that by incorporating art into everyday life, we can enhance our community's liveability and promote a sense of belonging among its residents.

“As a community, it's important we take pride in our identity and make our mark in the world. Our entrance signs serve as a visual representation of our community and an opportunity to showcase our unique character. By updating these signs with locally-inspired art, we not only create a more visually appealing environment but also foster a sense of pride and belonging among our residents. It's important we continue to invest in our city's future and promote a vibrant, healthy society for generations to come”.

The new signs will be designed by local artists and created with the input of community members.

Counsellor Pinsonneault said, “I hope these updates will inspire other communities to incorporate art into their urban design plans, promoting a healthier and more vibrant society.”

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