Organic Waste Diversion Program Being Developed in Chatham-Kent

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is excited to announce the commencement of the development of Chatham-Kent’s Organic Waste Diversion Program, aligning with Chatham-Kent's effort to divert food and organic waste from the landfill stream. Mandated by Ontario's Food and Organic Waste Policy Statement, Chatham-Kent aims to reduce urban settlements' food and organic waste by 50%.

To achieve this goal, Chatham-Kent’s Waste Management Team is conducting a comprehensive feasibility study, approved by the Council in August 2022, with the following objectives:

  1. Developing a curbside green bin program
  2. Planning a home composter program
  3. Determining the viability of an organic waste depot collection program

As part of this initiative, the Municipality invites the public to actively participate and share feedback through Let's Talk Chatham-Kent. In the next few months, residents will be invited to partake in a public survey to gather opinions on specific elements of the program.

"This program is pivotal in augmenting the community’s waste diversion efforts. We value the community’s input and believe it's essential in shaping the direction of Chatham-Kent’s future organic diversion initiatives,” says Huda Oda, Manager of Waste Management.

Visit the dedicated Let’s Talk Chatham-Kent Organic Waste page ( where you can access project updates, share your insights, and contribute to the success of Chatham-Kent’s organic waste diversion efforts.




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Municipality of Chatham-Kent

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