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Cecilia MacKey

​My name is Cecilia Mackey. I am from Lima-Peru. I have travelled and lived in several countries around the world, such as Germany and United States. I started my visits to CK since 2015. Now, Canada is my home. I moved to Chatham-Kent in December 2017 to live with my spouse. Canada is a country that truly embraces multiculturalism and immigrants and CK is a good example of it. I would like to mention that several people and organizations in CK made me feel at home from the beginning.  

For example, Adult Language and Learning helped me with the immigration process. The Chatham-Kent Public Library was very friendly and helpful from day number one. As of today, I continue taking online classes. Let me tell you something about my job. I got a job after a week of arriving in CK. I have been a professor at St Clair College Chatham for the last 3 years. I started my company called PERUCAN Enterprises, Inc. in 2017 and it has been very successful.

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has been a key in my personal and professional life. It started with an event a few years ago. I was invited to the "2015 Municipal Agriculture Economic Development Forum". As an entrepreneur, I was very pleased with the agenda and results of the event. I met successful professionals at this event. I knew then that CK could be a good place to live. 

As a small business owner who is facing current barriers with the Covid-19 pandemic, I needed some help to open a store this year. I would never have been able to do it without the support of the Chatham-Kent Economic Development Services. I opened my store front in downtown Chatham on November 2nd. 

It is always important to share and spread good news. I love CK so much that I invited some Peruvian entrepreneurs to learn more about CK and possible investments. We had a meeting in CK with the representatives of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and Peruvians entrepreneurs on February 2018. 

I am involved with the community of CK. I am a member of the Chatham-Kent Public Library board. I am a volunteer of the Active Lifestyle Centre, Collège Boréal, etc. 

CK is a safe and beautiful place to live. We have good healthcare and education programs. There are several historic places, such as churches and local architecture. I called CK "My new paradise!".