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Jess Fox and her son

Jess Fox

​I grew up in Chatham-Kent and chose to remain in the community. This is where my friends and family live which are two very important things in my life.

I choose a career in the skilled trades because I wanted to do something hands on, where I could expand my knowledge and personal growth. There are a lot of opportunities and career routes in the trades. I wanted training and education that I knew I would have a career in until I retire.

Working in the skilled trades has shown me how encouraging and helpful my family, friends, coworkers, and community are - also how surprised people are when they see a woman coming to look at their HVAC equipment. I feel that some women might not choose a career in skilled trades because there is a stigma about working in the trades and the environment.

In my experience, it has been a great journey with wonderful supportive people. I do not think the genuinely great trades/journeypersons get recognized enough in this industry. It needs to be put out there more for other women to realize that this is something that is not as scary as it seems. When you have a supportive, encouraging community on your side it makes a world of difference, and to me, there are more good people out there than there are bad. I really believe this being recognized will help more women make the decision to a career path in the trades.

I love living in CK because of the support this community provides for each other. When it comes to things like giving back, shopping local or charities, everyone comes together as a whole and wants what is best for each other. I love that. These are values I want my son to embody when he grows up and I think this community is the perfect place for him to embrace that.

Watching my son grow up in a community where he goes to school with the children of parents I went to school with has the sense of an extended family feeling. It is an awesome feeling to watch your children grow in the same community you did. If you value family, support, and a sense of community than CK is a good place to call home. Having a great career in CK is just the icing on the cake.