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A physician using a stethoscope to examine a patient.
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Finding a Doctor

Health Care Connect

To get connected with a doctor, register with Health Care Connect – a program designed to help you find a family health care provider. To register by phone, dial 1-800-445-1822. Click here to register with Health Care Connect online.

You can also find a doctor and contact their practice yourself, using the All Doctors Search by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Nurse Practitioners

If you do not have a family doctor, you can also visit a nurse practitioner. To learn more about Nurse Practitioners visit the Nurse Practitioners Association of Ontario website.

Community Care Access Centre

A Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) focuses on serving individuals who are looking for ongoing care. Each CCAC is staffed with caring and knowledgeable professionals who will assess your needs, determine your care requirements and answer questions. They develop a customized care plan that could include in-home care, community support services, or long-term care recommendations. For more information, visit the CCAC website.

Chatham-Kent Community Health Centers

You can also connect with one of Chatham-Kent's Community Health Centres. These centres offer a comprehensive approach to improving the health care of individuals, families and communities.