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A billboards showing Chatham-Kent is Canada's fist Welcoming Community
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17 Characteristics of a Welcoming Community

CK LIP is working on towards the 17 Characteristics of a Welcoming Community while prioritizing Labour Market, Social Belonging and Community Supports and Information with the CK LIP's Theory of Change work. 

Below are the 17 Characteristics of a Welcoming Community with the CK LIP activities and local agencies working on each:

1. Employment opportunities

2. Fostering of social capital

3. Affordable and suitable housing

4. Positive attitudes toward immigrants, cultural diversity, and the presence of newcomers in the community

5. Presence of newcomer-serving agencies that can successfully meet the needs of newcomers

6. Links between main actors working toward welcoming communities

7. Municipal features and services sensitive to the presence and needs of newcomers

8. Educational opportunities

9. Accessible and suitable health care

10. Available and accessible public transit

11. Presence of diverse religious organizations

12. Social engagement opportunities

  • CK LIP - Social Belonging Working Group - (CK LIP Activity)

13. Political participation opportunities

14. Positive relationships with the police and the justice system

15. Safety

16. Opportunities for use of public space and recreation facilities

17. Favourable media coverage and representation