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Chatham-Kent Welcome Network

​The Chatham-Kent Local Immigration Partnership invites you to join the Chatham-Kent Welcome Network! The Chatham-Kent Welcome Network promotes the efforts of organizations and businesses to make Chatham-Kent a welcoming community to newcomers.

Through its members, the Chatham-Kent Welcome Network helps connect residents both new and old to the people and services that can assist with a variety of settlement or immigration issues. How it works: 

  1. Businesses and organizations join the CK Welcome Network by demonstrating they meet a variety of criteria around Cultural Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity. 
  2. They provide information on the CK Welcome Network to their staff, who can then assist anyone seeking information about the Network and refer them to settlement supports on the LivingCK website or through settlement agencies Adult Language and Learning ( or Collège Boréal ( 
  3. They also receive a window-decal and certificate which identify them as members to customers and guests. Anywhere someone sees the CK Welcome Network logo, they will have a direct connection to resources that assist newcomers to integrate more quickly and feel at home in the community. 


  • Promote Chatham-Kent as a welcoming community
  • Improve cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity
  • Increase newcomers' access to services
  • Increase newcomers' sense of belonging

Benefits of Membership 

  • Promote your organization's ability to serve diverse client/customer base
  • Access information on diversity and newcomer services
  • Improve capacity to celebrate diversity 

Chatham-Kent Welcome Network Membership Criteria Self-Evaluation

Does your organization meet the criteria to be a member of the Chatham-Kent Welcome Network?

Cultural Awareness (meet 2 of 5)

  • Education & training available to staff on cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Participate in diversity training
  • Awareness of local settlement services
  • Attend an information session on cultural awareness and services
  • Provide new hires with cultural awareness information

Cultural Sensitivity  (meet 3 of 6)

  • Multilingual services
  • Open communication
  • Flexible stat days for observances
  • Process to meet diverse needs
  • Be willing to hire a new Canadian
  • Promote culturally diverse events

To become a member of the Chatham-Kent Welcome Network, fill out the application form here and send it to us today! 

(Before filling out the form, please download the document to your computer. Then fill it out, save it and send it to: 


25 Creek Road, Chatham, ON N7M 0L1

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