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Kelsey Nydam baCK to CK

Kelsey Nydam

​Hey all, it's Kelsey! 

For those who don't know me, I've worked for the Downtown Wallaceburg BIA for three years helping our awesome Wallaceburg Farmers' Market committee volunteers run and promote events. 

The Downtown Wallaceburg BIA is non-profit that is funded and run (voluntarily) by our businesses in the Downtown Area which is comprised of around 60 local businesses! They have been working behind the scenes of downtown events, beautification, and business advocacy efforts since 1977. This includes supporting the farmers market that started in 2017. 

The farmers' market is one of the reasons I moved back to CK and started working full time for the BIA. It really is such a passion of mine and I miss everyone during the winter season. 

Another reason I moved back is because of the BIA Board's support and encouragement. Over the past three years I have gone from being a summer student for their market, to being the Executive Director of the BIA. Now, in addition to the market, I help the Board be more active/ proactive in short term and long-term planning for the downtown area.

This year we launched a small paddle rental on the Sydenham River in Downtown Wallaceburg. We have curated experience packages that highlight our local businesses, history, and our connection to the 207km of water trails.

After an Undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph, and a short post grad in Community and Social Service Management at Conestoga, I am fortunate to have found a job where I can contribute to my community while using what I've learned.  I am also very lucky to have met so many passionate community members and groups who I continue to learn from and be inspired by. 

See you all at the Wallaceburg Farmers' Market and Whimsies Paddle Rental this summer baCK in CK.