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Dr. Kerry Mall

​My dreams came true in Chatham-Kent. I came with my wife, Krista, to Dresden in 2010. We had purchased a veterinary hospital. The business, respective building, land and community was extremely attractive and the purchasing price very affordable. I could not have bought that practice and real estate in a larger city such as Toronto or London. 

We fell in love with Dresden, the community accepted us with open arms and was very welcoming. It was a blessing to operate a veterinary hospital in a smaller community. People care about each other, help each other in times of need and the community spirit is very strong. It makes it easier to work and connect with families and provide care for their beloved pets. Our business grew to include veterinary hospitals in Chatham, Wallaceburg and Leamington.

We have three beautiful daughters, and I am grateful to have raised them in Dresden. They had access to excellent schools, community activities and amenities in safe neighbourhoods. As a family we have planted our roots in Chatham-Kent and have enjoyed access to two lakes with beautiful beaches, trails and many urban conveniences. I really appreciate living in CK with the less traffic and congestion where people know and support each other.

I have since sold my veterinary hospitals but have invested greatly in this community, now owning 40 residential and commercial investment properties in Chatham Kent. Currently, we are building a new subdivision with Depencier Builders in Dresden and have partnered with Glencoe Auto Recyclers for local employment opportunities, learn more at If you are looking to start a business, Chatham-Kent is the ideal location. It is easier to get real estate, the costs are equitable, the community supports you if you are fair and provide good service regardless if you are new to this community or not.

I came to Canada from India with $10,000 and a dream and we have built an amazing life here. I am very blessed to be living in such a great country, I am so grateful that I made Chatham-Kent my home and where my family has grown our roots.