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Trail through a park with large trees.

baCK to CK

There are many reasons why you should move baCK to Chatham-Kent. Career, family, friends and familiar friendly smiles at the grocery store just to name a few. Our vast green spaces, massive trail networks, affordable and safe communities with a high quality of life, mild climate, and the ability now to work from home are other reasons to choose to call CK home again.

Visit the Event Calendars to see what's going on in CK, and for suggested itineraries to enjoy your time baCK to Chatham-Kent.

Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, events may be cancelled and some businesses may be temporarily closed.

Follow us @baCK2CK on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected and hear the stories of others who chose to come baCK to Chatham-Kent. Read some of these stories, and those of people who came to Chatham-Kent from around the world at LivingCK Stories.

Your Roots are Always in Chatham-Kent 

The "Your roots are always in Chatham-Kent" initiative celebrates the achievements of students in CK. Trees are planted for each secondary and post-secondary graduating class, reminding them that their "roots" will always be in Chatham-Kent. As these trees grow, students know that they are always welcome to come baCK to Chatham-Kent to grow their careers and life. 

The initiative is a collaborative effort of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Public Health, and the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority. 

Connect with a member of the LivingCK team to help you to get reconnected when you are baCK in Chatham-Kent!