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Kayaker in a river going through the middle of town, smiling at the camera.

Chatham-Kent Jobs

baCK to CK

Move baCK to your roots and grow your career in CK. Local employers across sectors in CK have a wide range of talent demands to help expand their businesses and serve our growing population. Check out the Careers in CK pages to find your next employment opportunity. Love your current job? Work anywhere. Live CK and gain work-life balance, with strong community connections to pursue your professional development, networking, and career growth. Do you have dreams of starting a business?  CK offers low start up and operating costs with many economic strengths including family and friends to help support you.

Let us remind you what coming home has to offer you and why others have chosen to come baCK to Chatham-Kent from around the world!

  • Close to family, friends and familiar friendly smiles at the grocery store.
  • A variety of lifestyle options - from downtown living to lakeside escapes.
  • Safe and affordable communities offering spacious backyards and short work commutes.
  • Easy access to a wide range of outdoor adventures, recreational activities and local experiences

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Want to learn more about what you're missing?

  1. Follow the Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People (CKY) Advisory Group to learn more about their current activities and how they are helping to create a thriving and welcoming community.
  2. Check out VisitCK Tourism Information suggested itineraries to enjoy your time baCK to Chatham-Kent.