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A mother and her daughter on a swing set in the park.

Rosanna Magliaro

​I lived in Toronto for more than 15 years before I came back to CK.  I felt the calling back to my roots in my early 30s when the hustle and bustle of downtown left me craving calmness.  I returned home to be closer to my aging family and reunited with my school friends that I kept in touch with throughout the years.

I worked as an actress and secondary school arts teacher in Toronto. Since moving back to CK, I have become a permanent teacher at Ursuline College where I share my passions of the arts and language.  I enjoy the company of my fellow colleagues and thrive working alongside my students. I  have been part of theatrical productions produced by Studio Black and have been in a variety of local online, television and radio commercials for small businesses in the area. I look forward to collaborating with others in the future.

The landscape here in Chatham Kent has been the single greatest thing to move back for.  I enjoy walking along the waves to the lighthouse in Erieau, feeling the mud on my boots in Paxton Bush and enjoying the open road when I drive down HWY 3.  The local produce was something that I dearly missed when I lived in "the big city".  Now, I eat what is in season and finally live by the "farm to table" philosophy by buying fresh produce, eggs and even meat as often as I can.

The thriving arts community in CK has pleasantly surprised me.  Many visual artists have home studios, working professionals have their hands in a side craft business, musicians find a variety of venues to perform, theatre and dance is starting to thrive and local filmmakers are generating small independent films for a fraction of the price.

I am happy to be able to raise my young daughter near like-minded people.  I gather with friends and family for picnics and beach days.  Everyone has a huge and amazing backyard, which is another thing that seemed unattainable in Toronto.  Instead of the "pub crawl" that I did in my 20s, I now do the "yard crawl", where I enjoy a glass of local wine by a small campfire with friends while the little ones play in nature.

I am thrilled to make CK home again!