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Chatham Islamic Centre

The Muslim population in Chatham-Kent has been on the rise since 2010. Every year, more young Muslim families are moving from bigger cities or overseas to Chatham-Kent. Many are attracted by the less hectic lifestyle in a family-friendly and peaceful community. Chatham-Kent's Muslim community is very ethnically diverse with families and individuals from several Middle Eastern countries, African countries, Caribbean countries, Pakistan, India, China, USA, UK, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius and many other countries.

The Chatham Islamic Centre was opened with the help of God and generous donations from the community. The Centre's purpose is to represent the entire Muslim Community living in Chatham-Kent. Their two objectives are: 

  • To set up a place of Worship (Mosque).
  • To set up a learning center for our whole Muslim community so that we learn and follow the teachings of Islam.

At the center, they offer Quran classes, weekend school and several other academic courses for all age groups. This will include seniors and women only programs, with youth programs held during the summer. There are also several activities planned for Ramadan (fasting month).

Their goal is to serve the community the best way possible, attract Muslim families to move to Chatham-Kent, and to bring more awareness about Islam and positive Muslim roles in society. They are also planning to have guest speakers and seminars on Islamic topics, social issues, mental health, general health and parenting that will be open to CK residents to attend. Their doors are open for any CK resident to come in for a chat, tea or to observe how they pray and spend time together in the mosque.