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two women stand in front of the buxton schoolhouse
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Travel Writers & Bloggers

A teenager's account of the Underground Railroad sites in Chatham-Kent

Fifteen year old Cameron Davis shares his views on Black History education, why it's so important, along with how he felt on a recent trip to Chatham-Kent. Read the blog here. Special thanks to the Southwestern Ontario Tourism Corporation, Buxton National Historic Site & Museum, Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society & Black Mecca Museum and the Josiah Henson Museum of African-Canadian History in the making of this incredible piece. 

The Happy Camper visits Chatham-Kent 

In the late summer of 2020, Kevin Callan, aka "The Happy Camper", spent 2 nights in Chatham-Kent, fishing and paddling. Along with a trip to Rondeau Bay, he visited the Wallaceburg Water Trails, and did it all in a canoe, with his dog Angel. Read the blog here


Black Foodie Tour by Eden Hagos

Eden Hagos, also known as The Black Foodie came to Chatham-Kent for a fall foodie getaway. Her trip focused on experiencing the Underground Railroad and soul food cuisine. Stops included all three major black history sites: Buxton National Historic Site and MuseumChatham-Kent Black Historical Society and Black Mecca Museum and the Josiah Henson Museum of African-Canadian History. To ensure comfort and class, she stayed at RetroSuites, and dined at Chilled Cork, Churrascaria Steakhouse and Comfort and Soul in Cedar Springs (now a freezer meal location in Chatham). The article featuring the trip can be found here and her video blog here. 

Globe and Mail, Lifestyle Blogger Shannae Ingleton Smith

Chatham-Kent's Underground Railroad was the feature in a "Tri-Fecta Road Trip" blog with Toronto-based lifestyle blogger Shannae Ingleton Smith. Ms. Ingleton Smith and a friend enjoyed a "girlfriend's get-away" in Chatham-Kent, which included stops at Buxton National Historic Site and MuseumChatham-Kent Black Historical Society and Black Mecca Museum and Josiah Henson Museum of African-Canadian History. To ensure each site was given ample time for exploration and discovery, the two stayed at RetroSuites, and dined at Chilled Cork and the Churrascaria Steakhouse. The article featuring the trip can be found here.

Jenelle Smit, Lifestyle Blogger/Influence

In February 2019, Jenelle Smit enjoyed a Chatham-Kent weekend getaway. Her trip was taken to experience CK in the winter, with an eye on culinary, craft beer, boutique shopping and iconic winter sights. Her visit included a stay at RetroSuites, touring downtown Chatham and Erieau. Stops included Bayside Brewing CompanySons of KentBella Chocolatier and Churrascaria Steakhouse. You can find her video and blog here.

Radio France Internationale (RFI) "Si loin proche"

In June of 2019, Chatham-Kent Tourism collaborated with SWOTC and Destination Canada to bring Radio France hosts Celine and Laure to the three Underground Railroad sites in Chatham-Kent. Their focus was to create a show on Ontario's Black History and the Underground Railroad, and CK was among several visits. During their tours of Chatham-Kent, interviews were conducted with site operators at Buxton National Historic Site and MuseumChatham-Kent Black Historical Society and Black Mecca Museum and at Josiah Henson Museum of African-Canadian History.

See You Soon Travel, Blogger/Vlogger Arienne Parzei

Arienne with See You Soon Travel captures a fall weekend getaway with a stunning video on Small Town Travel featuring Chatham. Her weekend features our creative art scene with Thames Art Gallery. Overnight stay in our boutique Retro Suites Hotel, with dining at Chilled Cork Restaurant & Lounge, Sam's Percolator and Sons of Kent Brewing Co. Arienne had time to explore the rural backcountry roads and take in our Thames River Barn Quilt Trail, horseback riding at TJ Stables and a chance to experience our famous Ghost Walks of Chatham-Kent while learning local history.  Follow Arienne on Twitter and on Facebook to see her great photos and content now! 

Travelling Mitch, International Blogger/Influencer

One of the largest celebrations in Chatham-Kent in 2019 was RM Sotheby's 40th Anniversary in June of 2019, which coincided with RetroFest celebrations. Travelling Mitch (aka Christopher Mitchell) began his visit to Chatham-Kent with a stop in Erieau, a pint at Bayside Brewing Co. and a visit to capture iconic Erieau Pier photos.  included a night at RetroSuites to ensure the full breadth of the celebration could be had. Dinner at Mamma Maria's Ristorante while watching a parade that included Kid Rock, Classic Cars and Mechanical Elephants. A concert in Tecumseh Park featuring the Sam Roberts Band, breakfast at Chilled Cork and plenty of up-front and centre time at the Concours d'Elegance did not disappoint. Click here for his blog on this trip. You can also follow him for photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Special thanks to South Western Ontario Tourism Corporation, our regional tourism organization for partnership funding with Chatham-Kent Tourism to make all of these trips come to life.