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kale at a market
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Farmer's Markets, Roadside Stands, Orchards and more

Driving through Chatham-Kent, you'll notice acres and acres of farmland, greenhouses and orchards. You'll also notice many producers offering on site stores offering a variety of meats and canned or jarred produce as well. 

In CK, we grow for the world, and there is no shortage of fruits, vegetables or meat t any time of the year. Looking for looking for a visit to a farmer's market for the latest assortment of locally grown produce along with a selection of hand-crafted items like jams, soaps and more? Perhaps you want to quickly stop at a roadside stand where fruits and veggies are lined up just waiting to be chosen for a freshly made salad. Maybe you want to be a part of the process and bring the family for a u-pick experience like none other. Perhaps you are looking for locally raised beef or canned/jarred items direct from the producer. 

All of these options are available in Chatham-Kent from shore to shore! 

Buy Local Buy Fresh Map 

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