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christmas stocking with local preserves
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Made in CK Stocking Stuffers

Every winter, millions of people around the world hang stockings "in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there". While the exact origins of the story behind the stocking remains unknown and is often debated, cultures around the world continue to take part in this charming tradition each year. Children squeal in delight to find small trinkets, toys, baubles, and candies, but what about adults? While those things are fun to find, imagine the delight in opening your stocking this year with Made in CK Stocking Stuffers! 

Here are some fantastic Made in CK ideas to help you fill those stockings this year, all while supporting local businesses.

Craft Beer and Wine

Consider tucking a can or bottle of their favourite Made in CK beverage inside. Bayside Brewing Co. in Erieau, Glasstown Brewing Co. in Wallaceburg, Red Barn Brewing Co. in Blenheim and Sons of Kent Brewing Co. all offer great single cans to stick inside a stocking and an assortment of accessories like coasters, hats and t-shirts. For the wine lover, a nice red or white from Early Acres Estate Winery will surely delight and can be shared with family and friends as they toast the holidays.  

Honey and Maple Syrup 

There's nothing like a spoonful of honey in tea or on toast. Maple syrup, meanwhile, can be used for much more than just pancakes and French toast; try using it in your cooking to give a maple glazed flavour. The next time you visit a grocer or market in CK, take a look at the local options or look for online options to ship directly to your home. 

BLB Honey in Dresden offers on-site purchasing of jarred honey and accessories, including beeswax and candle-making workshops. Olson Pure Honey in Chatham also offers handcrafted beeswax candles, skincare and beauty products all made from their honey, as well as jarred options. Summer's Gold Honey Company, located in Merlin, sells on-site and in a variety of stores and markets across Chatham-Kent and beyond.  What about adding a jar of herb-infused honey to the stocking? This and many other unique and traditional honey products are available through Verbeek Honey Farm in Ridgetown. In Bothwell, you'll find Walters Apiary, with products found at nearby Park's Blueberries and other local shopping boutiques. Finally, in Chatham you can find M&L Apiaries with beeswax and honey available.

When it comes to maple syrup, there are so many options to tuck inside that stocking; from bottles for the table to maple sugar, candy and even maple butter. At Hat Trick Farms, maple syrup can be purchased on their on-site store, online or as part of a gift basket with workshops and other local preserves. 

Dips, Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Pickles and Popcorn

Jams, jellies, pickles and a variety of other jarred preserves are abundant throughout Chatham-Kent made with locally grown fruits, vegetables and spices. Boondocks Preserves in Merlin not only offers a variety of jarred items like red pepper jelly, but also canning classes and gift sets on their website for purchase. For the bread dipper in your life, a bottle of flavour-infused extra virgin olive oil in a neatly packaged dipping package would be an excellent stocking stuffer, available from Glasses and Grapes in Wallaceburg. They even offer hand-made ceramic dipping dishes!  At Golden Acre Peach Company in Blenheim, you can order delicious jarred peaches by the case online and find a variety of recipes there too or in single jars at other locations. At Park's Blueberries, located between Thamesville and Bothwell, nothing goes better with one of their freshly made blueberry scones than one of their own signature jams. You'll even find dressing, blueberry pepper jelly and salsa. The Pickle Station In Thamesville, Sunshine Farms boasts 26 types of pickles to choose from along with other preserves to stuff a stocking with. 

Two great locations offer popcorn as a perfect movie night treat for the stocking available at The Popcorn Barn and Snobelen Homestead. Finally, Delhaven Orchards and Thompson's Orchards remain open throughout the winter for apples and other locally produced items. 

Body Products and Scents

Candles, wax melts and luxe body products are great items to find tucked into any stocking. Body butters, scrubs, bath bombs and shower steamers are all available through Don't Poke the Bear in Chatham. Their website has a great selection to choose from. Body products and other sustainable items like spoolies, scrubs and more can be found online from Kylie Elizabeth. You can also find physical locations for those items up across CK as well.  For those who love to fill their home with scents, you can fill their stocking with a multitude of options from both Indian Creek Wax and Soytastic Candles. From holiday inspired wax melts to candles, locally poured and created options are abundant. 

Artisans, Crafters, and Clothes

Whether it's a gift certificate or something you can fit into a stocking, there are many items from local artisans and makers. Places like Art and Heirloom Shop have a great collection of locally produced gift ideas. You can even look at places like Etsy Chatham-Kent on Facebook for many more ideas. There are many makers at as well!

Meats & Seafood

Carnivores on your shopping list are in for a treat, from adding pepperettes to a stocking or a gift card for future shopping. You can pop into many places throughout Chatham-Kent like Buis Beef, Foster MeatsJ&E Meats, Highgate Tender MeatsLenover Meats, and Roesch Meats & More, all also offer online stores to virtually shop as well. Chatham-Kent also has a great selection of high quality seafood, caught right in our lakes. A gift certificate from Presteve Foods,  Loop Fisheries and Taylor Fish Company to purchase freshly caught perch and pickerel is sure to be a winner. 


As we see people continue to collect memories over items, CK is proud to boast experiences available for purchases that will fill that request. Dare to Declare offers vision board workshops and packages. At Hat Trick Farms you can purchase the Beyond the Vase Tulip Experience or explore their Winterberry Workshops. Meanwhile, the Awaken Your Spirit; A Spirit Horse Encounter, at TJ Stables, is a signature experience that is a phenomenal option for anyone on your list. 

Gift Certificates to local businesses and attractions 

Finally, a gift certificate is always a thoughtful and wonderful option. Pick a gift card from any one of the places on our Bakery Trail, Black History sites, eateries or one of the many entertainment and attraction spots in Chatham-Kent, and you won't go wrong.