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Immigrant Advisory Group

The Chatham-Kent Local Immigration Partnership Immigrant Advisory Group (CK LIP IAG) offers a great opportunity for immigrants and newcomers to participate in an initiative that will contribute to creating a more welcoming Chatham-Kent.

About the CK LIP Immigrant Advisory Group

The CK LIP Immigrant Advisory Group consists of immigrants and newcomers who are interested in contributing to creating a more welcoming Chatham-Kent by sharing their experiences of settling in Chatham-Kent and providing input on how to improve the immigrant's experience in the community.

Current Members of the IAG include:

  • 25 Immigrants
  • All members are residents of Chatham-Kent
  • All members are 18 years of age or older


  • The CK LIP Immigrant Advisory Group acts as a resource for CK LIP Council. The group is responsible for providing input to CK LIP Council on what immigrants are experiencing in the community while also sharing ideas on creating a more welcoming community for Chatham-Kent's immigrants and newcomers.

Membership and Meetings:

  • Members of the IAG serve a two-year term
  • The CK LIP IAG meets four times per year (or more if required)

Member Profiles:

  • To meet members of the Immigrant Advisory Group and hear why they are volunteering with the IAG, view their profiles.

2021 Year in Review:

  • Since its establishment, the Immigrant Advisory Group has had a tremendous impact on the work of the CK LIP and the broader community. The CK LIP IAG: 2021 Year in Review infographic has been developed to highlight some of the work and involvement of the members.
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