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Immigrant Advisory Group

The Chatham-Kent Local Immigration Partnership Immigrant Advisory Group (CK LIP IAG) offers a great opportunity for immigrants and newcomers to participate in an initiative that will contribute to creating a more welcoming Chatham-Kent.

About the CK LIP Immigrant Advisory Group

The CK LIP Immigrant Advisory Group consists of immigrants and newcomers who are interested in contributing to creating a more welcoming Chatham-Kent by sharing their experiences of settling in Chatham-Kent, and providing input on how to improve the immigrant's experience in the community.

Current Members of the IAG include:

  • 27 Immigrants
  • All members are residents of Chatham-Kent
  • All members are 18 years of age or older


  • The CK LIP Immigrant Advisory Group acts as a resource for CK LIP Council. The group is responsible for providing input to CK LIP Council on what immigrants are experiencing in the community, while also sharing ideas on how to create a more welcoming community for Chatham-Kent's immigrants and newcomers.

Membership and Meetings:

  • Members of the IAG serve a two-year term
  • The CK LIP IAG meets four times per year (or more if required)

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