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Image of students planting a tree
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Your Roots Are Always in CK

Last year marked the 10th anniversary of the Your Roots Are Always in CK project as part of the baCK to Chatham-Kent initiative and the final year of tree planting. To all past graduates, we encourage you to visit your Class Tree and know that we are grateful for all you do for the community. Your future is bright and we hope that as you step forward you remember your home, your roots, in CK. With lots of opportunities to grow your career here, we look forward to each of you coming baCK to Chatham-Kent to continue sharing your skills in the community.

The Initiative

Since 2013, the 'Your Roots Are Always in Chatham-Kent' initiative has celebrated the achievements of students across Chatham-Kent, graduating from secondary and post-secondary education.

Trees were planted for each secondary and post-secondary graduating class, reminding them that their "roots" will always be in Chatham-Kent. As these trees grow, students know that they are always welcome to come baCK to Chatham-Kent to grow their careers, contribute to their home communities, and enjoy a great lifestyle.

The initiative was a collaborative effort of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent's Community Attraction and Promotion division; Parks, Recreation and Cemeteries; Public Health; and the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority, with support from Council.