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A group of CK Cycle riders.

CK Cycles

​CK Cycles is a local cycling group that started in early 2009, when Daniel Brousseau and Ann McKenzie, a spin class instructor at Performance Edge, teamed up to take her classes outside during the nice weather. The group met up on a Wednesday evening with a few spin class students for their inaugural ride to Prairie Siding Bridge. Everyone had a blast at this first ride, and CK Cycles began. By the mid-2009, CK Cycles had started regular Tuesday Sportif rides, Wednesday group rides, and the Sunday Social Breakfast ride. A CK Community Cycling Group logo was created to help increase exposure of the rides and group and they have been riding ever since.

Now, CK Cycles meets mostly for Saturday and Sunday morning group rides, including Sunday Breakfast ride when restaurants are open. We strike out into the wind, and end up in Dresden, Tilbury, Erieau, or Mitchell's Bay, depending on the wind direction. It's great having the wind at your back giving you a push with a tummy full of bacon and eggs. These rides are generally 60-70km long. On long weekends in the summer, we plan for 100km rides as well. 

The average speeds for these group rides are 23 – 25 KPH, so anyone reasonably fit with a road bike is invited to join. The CK Cycles group ride "peloton-style" (two riders wide), as it is safer and ask that anyone who joins becomes familiar with this style of riding, or is comfortable with taking direction from the group to learn how to ride like this. We take turns "pulling" up front, but if you don't feel strong, you can hang out at the back of the pack.

CK Cycles welcomes all #LivingCK locals to join the Facebook page to know where and when the rides begin so that you can join in on the fun. Explore CK's landscapes and communities by bike, with locals who can share stories of their favourite spots along the way!