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CK to the Power of Young People

The Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People (CKY) initiative works to improve Chatham-Kent's ability to attract, engage, and retain young people aged 15-39.

The CK to the Power of Young People (CKY) initiative works with local young people (aged 15-39) and organizations to increase attraction, engagement, and retention outcomes of residents in this age group. The most recent information, from the 2021 Statistics Canada Census, shows that Chatham-Kent's population of young people aged 15 to 39 has increased by 2.7% since the last Census in 2016. In addition to on-going engagement and community initiatives, young people are formally surveyed every five years to learn more about what they think about life in Chatham-Kent, and what they want to see more of. The most recent survey was open for feedback from July to September, 2022, and gained 601 responses. Findings are available through the CKY 2022 Survey of Young People report and key highlights are available in the CKY 2022 Survey Infographic.

To find out more about the CKY initiative and the work of the CKY Advisory Group see below or contact us at

CKY Community Action Plan

Based on recommendations from local feedback surveys with young people (aged 15-39) and local organizations, the CKY Community Action Plan was created in 2019 to provide helpful resources to better attract, engage, and retain young people. Overall, young people share that they want to be involved in organizations and communities where they are valued as contributors and have input on future direction, and local businesses and organizations are looking to increase engagement with young people. The CKY Community Action Plan aims to provide a starting point for organizations and employers to improve their efforts to attract, engage and retain young people on a local level. It also supports wider efforts by the municipal Community Attraction & Promotion division and local partners to welcome new residents from across age demographics, including immigrant newcomers.

CKY Advisory Group

The findings of the 2017 survey led to the creation of the first Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People (CKY) Advisory Group in 2018. Find out more about the CKY Advisory Group here, including their current activities and current membership. Follow the activities of the CKY Advisory Group over social media on Facebook and Instagram. To speak with a member of the CKY Advisory Group, and share your thoughts and opinions, email

CKY Survey of Young People, 2020

In September 2020, the CK to the Power of Young People – CKY Advisory Group and the Municipality of Chatham-Kent's Community Attraction & Promotion division conducted a survey of young people, aged 15-39, in Chatham-Kent to see how young peoples' lives were impacted by Covid-19. In total, 1,001 responses were received. This survey is connected to the broader CK to the Power of Young People initiative and compliments the surveys of young people conducted in 2012, 2017, and 2022. Read the full CKY 2020 Survey of Young People to see what they told us.

CKY Background

The Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People (CKY) initiative began in 2017 with the CKY Survey of Young People and the CKY Survey of Organizations which informed action items to improve Chatham-Kent's ability to attract, engage, and retain young people aged 15-39. This initiative is a follow-up to an original CK Survey of Young People in 2012. To read full 2012 findings, click here: CK Survey of Young People - 2012 findings.

The first CKY survey was conducted in June 2017, to gain feedback from young people aged 15-39 years old on their experience living in Chatham-Kent. Check out the highlights in the CK Young People Feedback, Infographic. Full findings from this survey are available here: Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People - 2017 Survey.

The second survey, the CKY Organization Survey, was conducted in March, 2018, and gained feedback on what community organizations and employers are doing to attract, engage, and retain young people. The findings from the second survey are available in the Chatham-Kent to the Power of Young People, Organization Report - 2018.

Feedback gained from community members directs the work of the Community Attraction & Promotion division to attract and retain people (including young people and immigrant newcomers) to Chatham-Kent. Through CKY and LivingCK efforts, Community Attraction & Promotion works with a wide range of community partners to help make all of this happen. Most importantly, we seek continuous feedback from the people who are connected to Chatham-Kent. Please join in on the conversation through @LivingCK.