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Chatham-Kent Chinese Association

The first large movement of Chinese immigrants to Chatham-Kent and the surrounding areas began during the 1970s. Immigrants from China continue to move to Chatham-Kent for a variety of reasons including family reunification, education, and employment. In 2010, the Chatham-Kent Chinese Association was established to share culture with their children and broader community. The CK Chinese Association believes in building strong bonds and fostering community engagement. With this in mind, the association hosts a yearly Chinese New Year celebration to share the joys of their culture, and showcase the strengths and contributions they make to Chatham-Kent. Members of the broader Chatham-Kent community are invited to join in the celebrations as well. The CK Chinese Association also participants in larger Chatham-Kent events, such as the Festival of Nations to showcase their culture through food, music, and dance. They have been an active and engaged cultural association in Chatham-Kent since their start.

Chinese Language Classes

The Chatham-Kent Chinese Association offers Chinese language (Mandarin - intermediate level) learning to children. The classes are designed teach students about Chinese culture through the Chinese language. The classes are suitable for children between the ages of 4-12, and are held at the Chatham Public Library (120 Queen Street, Chatham). The class schedules vary throughout summer and wintertime.


Chatham-Kent Chinese Association

Contact Person: Jing Wang, Chairperson