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Locating in Chatham-Kent is a winning proposition for your business.

Economic Development Services' mandate is to promote Chatham-Kent as a location for business, industry and tourism destinations. Economic Development Services is uniquely qualified to assist the communities of Chatham-Kent – big and small – to strengthen local economies and business infrastructure. Chatham-Kent Economic Development Services provides confidential l business assistance with available site and building information, community briefings and tours, statistics, research, grant writing and customized information packages. 

Chatham-Kent is a community of 104,000 located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario just minutes from the Windsor/Detroit border.  Workforce availability is never a problem with over 1 million Canadians living within one-hour of Chatham-Kent's borders.

Chatham-Kent businesses appreciate the skilled workforce, the ease to Canadian and US markets, the low business operating costs and the wide range of greenfield and existing businesses.

Easy access to Highway 401 and the proximity to three major border crossings coupled with competitive land costs have made Chatham-Kent a popular location for business.

Locating in Chatham-Kent is a winning proposition for business!