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Family looking at their house with a sold sign in the lawn.

Finding a Home

Chatham-Kent is home to over 23 unique communities, each providing their own lifestyle options. With on-going housing developments and growth across Chatham-Kent, there are many opportunities for you and your family to find your new home. After you arrive, we're here to help you get connected to the community and settle in.

Buying a Home

Building a Home

Building a home is a good way to make sure your house is exactly what your family wants. Consult the Chatham-Kent Home Builders Association and request a homebuyer information package. Before you build your home, contact the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to request a building permit and of course, you will need to own a lot to build on.

Renting a Home

Chatham-Kent is also home to a range of rental properties for individuals and families of all sizes. Begin your search at:

Upcoming apartment and condominium projects include SkyDev's River's Edge suites.'s Rent a House section offers information to understand your rights when renting in Ontario.

Short-term Stays

If you are still looking for your dream home, Chatham-Kent has numerous short-term stay options available while you search or wait for your build to be finished. The Retro Suites residences offer a unique option to enjoy life in downtown Chatham, with many amenities included. has a list of places to stay where you may be able to arrange longer-term stays.