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North Buxton Park sign in a flower bed.
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Buxton - Nation's Best Kept Secret

On September 22, 2015, the Chatham-Kent town of Buxton received national recognition on CBC's hit show "Still Standing". The series follows well-known actor and comedian Jonny Harris across Canada in search of the most unique communities. There was no shortage of material when it came to finding out just what it is that makes the Chatham-Kent community so special. Harris, who is well versed in each big city, nook and cranny across the country, claimed that historically speaking, Buxton was the "most interesting place" that he had been to.

Jeremy Eagen, a resident of Chatham-Kent, was featured in the episode with his family business, Bradonna Woodwork Inc. Eagan chose to come baCK to Chatham-Kent to put his ideas to work on creating new business opportunities. Eagen credits the abundance of available resources for young entrepreneurs in Chatham-Kent. "This community is incredibly close-knit; the amount of word-of-mouth referrals we receive for new business is unbelievable" Eagen said. "I don't know if it would be possible to have such success, so early, if I were located anywhere else but Chatham-Kent".

Christopher Prince, also featured in the 'Still Standing" hit show, came baCK to CK because of the unmatched work-life balance. Prince works at Mainstreet Credit Union and also farms land within Chatham-Kent. He still manages to be an active member of Buxton's Next Generation and plays in the Chatham Co-Ed Slo-Pitch League, all while raising six children.

"I really do feel like Chatham-Kent is a place where you can work and play. You can have your cake, you can eat it and you can go up for seconds, too" joked Prince. "I can do all of these great things because of my wonderful wife, and the fact that I'm not wasting hours of my day commuting to work. I get to spend real, quality time doing the things I love, with the people I love, and I get to do it right here in Chatham-Kent".

These stories and the booming community spirit found across Chatham-Kent, have shown Jonny Harris, the CBC cast, and now the rest of the country just what makes Chatham-Kent so special. This is why Eagen, Prince and many other young people are choosing CK to plant their roots and spread their wings.

With some of the most beautiful natural amenities, mildest climates and lowest costs of living in Canada, Chatham-Kent is proving to be the perfect "stay-cation". As successful residents make national headlines and the list of recognitions grows, perhaps the country's best kept secret isn't so secret after all. Whether you are deciding where to start your business, start your family, embarking on a brand new career, or easing into retirement, we invite you to Choose CK

Interested in visiting Buxton and ringing the Liberty Bell for yourself? Find information on about the Buxton National Historic Site & Museum, where you can learn about the unique Black history throughout Chatham-Kent. Chatham-Kent is profiled was one of the federal government's Immigration Matters features that highlighted this local migration history.