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Located between two lakes, Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair, with an abundance of green space and limited traffic, Chatham-Kent provides a great location for a relaxed lifestyle and easy access to nature. A variety of competitive housing options exist across our 23 distinct communities, giving you the option to work from your own space in a quaint hamlet, small town, or the centrally located city of Chatham, each with its own charms and amenities. The average cost of housing across Chatham-Kent in 2020 is $310,244, giving you more money to take home at the end of the day, and often a larger space to enjoy than many options in larger centres.

Chatham-Kent offers a safe and welcoming option to gain more work-life balance, strong community connections, and to pursue your professional development, networking, and career growth. Connect with local chambers of commerce, professional associations, young professionals, and other professionals in co-working spaces for the days you need it. Finding a job locally, for a future career move or family member, is made easier with many local employment supports and hundreds of diverse employers looking for talent.

For the times you do need to get to the city, Chatham-Kent is close to the 401 with an average drive of an hour to Windsor or London, and 2.5 hours to Toronto. Car rentals are available locally if you need, or choose the convenience of VIA rail with the centrally-located station in Chatham. For local mobility, transit connects many of the larger communities across Chatham-Kent, and local taxi services and URide are available, as well as increasing bike lane paths and walkability of many CK communities.

While the transition to remote work and rural living has been growing in recent years, we have all seen the trend jump this year with COVID-19 making remote work mandatory for many. Find a home that gives you room to grow – grow your personal interests, community connections, your family, a garden, and your career - the options are available here. Learn more about the many outdoor adventuresthriving arts and culture, growing cultural community associationsrecreational activitieslocal schools and post-secondary schools, and things to enjoy in Chatham-Kent.

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