Volunteers under a tent wearing red shirts on Canada Day. Photo courtesy of Paul Schmoldt , Chatham Camera Club

There are many great reasons to volunteer. For example, you may want to volunteer for a not-for-profit organization if you care passionately about its objectives, or for a children's program that your children enjoy.

Beyond helping a cause you care about, volunteering also comes with many personal rewards and benefits, such as:

  • Building job-related skills
  • Developing your social and professional network
  • Gaining Canadian work experience (for newcomers)

Ways to volunteer

Community groups and organisations often require volunteers to fulfill a number of different roles. Common volunteer tasks include:

  • Teaching, coaching, tutoring or mentoring
  • Event planning
  • Acting as a board member
  • Providing administrative assistance
  • Researching
  • Canvassing or fundraising

If you are new to Canada and looking to volunteer for the first time, Volunteer Canada has created a guide to help prepare you for your volunteer experiences. The guide can be found here.

Find Local Volunteer Opportunities

The following resources can connect you to volunteer positions in Chatham-Kent: