Civic Centre of Chatham-Kent. Brick building with flags in front and the municipal crest on the wall.Employment Insurance (EI)

Employment Insurance is for people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, or cannot work because of significant qualifying reasons. You may also be able to receive EI if you can show proof of 'just cause' for leaving your job.

There are five types of Employment Insurance benefits available to Canadians, depending on their situation.

  1. Regular Benefits – for those who have lost their job through no fault of their own
  2. Maternity and Parental Benefits – for those out of work as a result of pregnancy, a recent birth, or caring for a newborn or newly adopted child
  3. Sickness Benefits – for those unable to work because of sickness, injury, or quarantine
  4. Compassionate Care Benefits – for those caring for a family member who is ill with a risk of death
  5. Fishing Benefits – for qualifying, self-employed fishers who are actively seeking work

Eligibility requirements vary according to location.To apply for EI, you may submit an application online or visit one of our local Service Canada offices in Chatham or Wallaceburg. You may also learn more about EI at

Disability Support (ODSP)

For people with disabilities in need of financial support, the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) is an alternative to EI. This is available for people with disabilities and people who require assistance in order to work. This program has two parts: Income Supports and Employment Supports.

To apply for ODSP, bring an application for to a Chatham-Kent Ontario Works location (listed below).

  • Chatham-Kent Ontario Works
    435 Grand Avenue West
    Chatham, ON
    Phone: 519.351.8573
  • ODSP Chatham Local Office
    1023 Richmond Street West
    Chatham, ON
    Phone: 519.352.5040

Occupational Health and Safety

As a worker, you have the right to:

  • Know about workplace hazards
  • Refuse unsafe work
  • Participate in addressing workplace health and safety issues 

According to the terms of the Act, employers must:

  • Provide basic health and safety awareness training to workers
  • Provide information, instruction and supervision to workers on how to work safely
  • Protect workers from being hurt or getting a work-related illness

Ontario's Ministry of Labour has developed a series of training tools to help you learn more about your right to a safe work environment. Visit the website to access training sessions and information in several different languages.

If you would like to report a Health and Safety incident, call the Health and Safety Contact Centre toll-free at 1.877.202.0008. For more information about Employment Standards (wages, vacations and claims), call 1.800.531.5551.