A woman wearing glasses and a headscarf in a hallwayIf you are new to Canada, the accreditation of your international education is a very important first step. Having your credentials evaluated will help Canadian employers, educational institutions and professional licensing bodies recognize them properly. You can begin this process even before you come to Canada, which is highly recommended.

Credential Evaluation Organizations

In order to have your credentials recognized in Ontario, it is important to have them evaluated through accreditation. Ontario’s authorized credential evaluation organizations are:

Accreditation Assistance

Access Centre for Regulated Employment

The Access Centre for Regulated Employment (Access Centre) provides information and application assistance to internationally trained individuals seeking licensure or related employment in Ontario’s regulated professions. The services extend to all of Southwestern Ontario.

The Access Centre assists clients in understanding and navigating the complex processes of Ontario’s regulatory bodies. Each regulated profession has its own process for obtaining licensure. Access staff members can help you to navigate the regulator’s process in order to avoid costly and time-consuming errors.

The Internationally Trained Worker (ITW) Loan Program

Meeting between a man and a woman at a deskTo assist with the costs of accreditation, the Access Centre created the Internationally Trained Worker Loan Program (Loan Program). The loan operates as a flexible line of credit to assist with covering the direct and indirect costs related to foreign credential recognition. The loan may also help with other expenses related to helping ITWs achieve employment that reflects their international education, skills and experience. 

Expenses covered by the Loan Program include:

  • Qualification assessment
  • Exam and Licensure fees
  • Tuition fees for training and skills upgrading
  • Books and course materials
  • Professional association fees
  • Other costs relating to obtaining accreditation/training as required

Other Resources

The following resources can also help you get your credentials properly recognized: