Corn field with a line of evergreen trees on the right side.

The agriculture sector in Chatham-Kent is vast, ranging from custom farming, seed production, research and innovation development, and agri-food industry, to building grain-holding and dryer equipment. There are many different agricultural positions available, including General Labourers, Agronomists, Equipment Technicians, Production and Sales Managers, and more. In Chatham-Kent you will find opportunities for career development and growth across the sector.

Here are a few of Chatham-Kent’s agriculture businesses to help your employment search:

  • AgMedica Bioscience - producer in the Canadian medical cannabis industry. 
  • AGRIS Co-operative Ltd. - farmer-owned and a leader in precision farming technology, seed, agronomy and petroleum services.
  • Centre for Agricultural Renewable Energy and Sustainability (CARES) - integrates research, training, education, technology transfer and rural community development in bio-energy and the bio-economy. 
  • Corteva Agriscience - a global agriculture company that specializes in seed products, crop protection, software solutions and digital services.
  • Devolder Farms - producer of quality pedigreed seed and sales of grain storage, drying, and handling equipment.
  • Great Lakes Food Company  - world’s leading producer of freshwater lake smelt. 
  • Greenfield Global - works with major integrated oil companies to produce ethanol fuel.
  • Greenhill Produce - 86 acres of high-tech greenhouses that specializes in growing hydroponic sweet bell peppers.
  • Huron Tractor - full service John Deere dealer.
  • Kent Farm Supplies - farm supplier with inventory of used equipment, parts and supplies.
  • Lambton Conveyors - is a multinational manufacturer of grain, storage, material handling, drying and feed equipment. 
  • Nature Finest Produce - fresh produce operation with 65,000 square foot packhouse.
  • Peeters Mushroom Farms - specializes in growing and marketing fresh, white agaricus mushrooms.
  • Platinum Produce - 70 acres of high-tech greenhouses that produces sweet bell peppers.
  • Pride Seeds - leader in seed research, production and quality in the agriculture industry.
  • Sunshine Asparagus Farms - family-owned farm and producer of 23 different pickled products.
  • The Andersons - produce grains and edible beans for fuels and food.
  • The Pickle Station - growing and grading cucumbers and peppers that are shipped to North American processors.
  • Tomecek Agronomy Services Inc. - independent consulting services on crops, soil-sampling, crop planning and data management. 
  • Truly Green Farms – tomato greenhouses connected to GreenField Ethanol to utilize their waste heat and carbon dioxide for operation. 
  • Weather Innovations Incorporated - provides decision support systems for the agricultural sector by monitoring weather conditions to assist farmers.
  • Whytes Food -  manufacturing facility for Strub’s pickles and a lineup of other quality pickled products.
This is not a complete list of all agriculture businesses in Chatham-Kent. If your business is missing from the list, email us so we can add it.