A person far away looking out at the edge of a sandy shore on the edge of a lake on a beautiful day

Photo courtesy of David DeHoey

The Resident Attraction and Retention team, with input from young people and other residents in Chatham-Kent has compiled a list of “Top 10 Summer Activities in Chatham-Kent”.  The list shows the range of summer  activities available. 

Highlighting Chatham-Kent Attractions

In 2012, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent’s Youth Retention and Immigration Division released the Chatham-Kent Survey of Young People (15-39 years) to determine what perceptions young people have of Chatham-Kent. The purpose of this survey was to highlight the attractions Chatham-Kent has, and to identify ways to build a stronger Chatham-Kent that better reflects the needs and interests of young people.

Recently, the division - now called Resident Attraction and Retention - has continued to promote the strengths and highlights of Chatham-Kent outside of our borders, highlighting what makes Chatham-Kent a great community to reside in. 

Proud Participation

The “Top 10 Summer Activities in Chatham-Kent” list was compiled based on the input of contributing members of our community, including young people who reside throughout our vast geography. Suggestions flooded in through email and Facebook posts between April 25 and May 30, 2013. Contributions included popular activities throughout Chatham-Kent, as well as participation in the great events and festivals available here. The feedback reflects the diversity of activities within our community.

Inviting residents to speak out about this subject became a great opportunity for residents to proudly showcase why they are happy to call Chatham-Kent home.  The results demonstrate that positive, active community involvement is taking place and there are many attractions available within Chatham-Kent.

Top 10 Summer Activities in Chatham-Kent

A list of 10 favourite activities in Chatham-Kent

  1. Beaches – spend a day at one of the surrounding beaches, such as Rondeau

  2. Trails – Explore the beautiful trains in the St. Clair National Wildlife Area

  3. Patio Dining – Enjoy an outdoor meal at restaurants like Bayside Brewery in Erieau

  4. Parks – Read a book, fly kites, or play in the splash pad at Kingston Park

  5. Camping – Take your family camping at one of the great surrounding campsites, such as Campers Cove in Wheatley

  6. Local Tourism – Enjoy the local history and culture by taking a tour of museums such as the Buxton National Historical Site and Museum, or a wine tour at Smith and Wilson

  7. Festivals – Check out the many local festivals running throughout the summer, such as Retrofest, Blenheim's Cherry Fest and the Thamesville Threshing Festival

  8. Berry Picking – Visit Parks Blueberries in Bothwell, and other fruits and veggies at various farms in Pardoville

  9. Sports – Play various sports, such as soccer, golf, baseball and beach volleyball, or join a local running group

  10. Fishing – Go fishing along or in Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and Mitchell’s Bay

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