Aboat named the G.H. Simmons at the marina in Wheatley

Photo courtesy of Doug Woodman,
Chatham Camera Club


A number of organizations in Chatham-Kent offer indoor and outdoor sports. There are many teams and leagues to register with, as well as sports facilities that offer activities and bookings.

As an alternative, you may also use the directory on the right to find information about sports opportunities throughout Chatham-Kent’s communities.

Special Interests

Chatham-Kent is proud to have the luxury of waterways for boating, fishing, and other activities. Visit one of the following pages for information about our:

Art & Photography

Artists in Chatham-Kent may join ARTspace, a not-for-profit gallery dedicated to the promotion and development of emerging and mid career artists engaged in contemporary visual arts practice. ARTspace offers exhibition opportunities for regional and national artists by providing exhibitions regularly upon reviewing a proposal. Discover the benefits of being an exhibiting or supporting ARTspace member.

165 ½ King Street West
Chatham, Ontario  N7M 1E4

Phone: 519.352.1064

Photographers may find fellowship, shared resources and development through community by joining the Chatham Camera Club. The Chatham Camera Club is a 75-year-old Chatham-Kent, Ontario based Photography Club, and a long time member of the Canadian Association of Photographic Arts (CAPA). The group actively interacts with other clubs and national organizations to promote and further the Art of Photography in the community. Club members sometimes judge and promote local photography contests, and host seminars to help educate and encourage the enjoyment of photography.


There are many other hobby and special interests groups in this area. To find one that suits your interests, please use the directory on the right. You may also click one of the following links to find networking opportunities through places of worship and cultural communities.

Special Populations

Chatham-Kent offers many activities for special groups within our population. Click on one of the links below, for information regarding: