A man waves the Canadian flag and smiles at the camera while walking in a parade.

Social Media

Social media is an easy and affordable way to share upcoming events and activities with people you want to attend. FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn are some of the more popular platforms to get started with. Each social media platform has unique best practices for use, but all offer an option to share event information for free or to advertise at a low cost while targeting your audience. Event management and social media management tools such as EventBrite and Hootsuite are great tools to help you learn best practices and to improve your social media presence. Be sure to also ask friends, family, and local organizations to share your event as well.

Local Websites

Use existing community calendars to help people outside of your current followers find your events and activities.

Radio Stations

Local radio is a great way to help advertise events. They often have options for both on-air advertisement and web advertising, and some will offer on-air interviews.

For non-profit event advertisements on any Blackburn Radio station, call 519.354.6397.

UCB 89.3 FM serves the greater Chatham-Kent area, Windsor, Leamington, Sarnia, and parts of London. For more information, please contact:

Advertising Sales
UCB Canada


Local newspapers will print a story on your event if you send a media release. A media release, or news release, is a document that explains your event. Call the local paper to confirm if they will run a release, and how you can submit one.Tell them who you are, what you are planning, and ask how best to get the information to them. E-mail is usually the best option, or drop it off in person. When writing your media release, use the W5 rule to make sure you have covered everything - who, what, when, where, and why. No need to write anything flowery, just stick to the facts. Always include a contact name and as many ways of reaching you as possible (home phone, business phone, cell phones or email).

Handy Things to Remember:

  • Do not just show up - Never drop something off without calling the paper first
  • Last minute club - Newspapers often have many last-minute issues, but if you wait until it is too late, you might not get your story published
  • The Chatham Daily News Community Calendar appears Tuesday to Saturday and the listings are free. You can contact the Chatham Daily News by email at news@chathamdailynews.ca at least two weeks in advance.
  • There are also specific ethno-cultural newspapers and media outlets that will feature event information


YourTV uses channel 11 to advertise local events. To advertise an event on Channel 11, visit the YourTV website. To have your even posted, choose one of the following links:

Other Suggestions

Post flyers around your community or office to advertise your event as well. Make sure to ask for any permission before posting, but community boards are a great way to get noticed.
Reach out to related clubs and associations to ask to have your event featured in any newsletters they distribute. For example, the Chatham-Kent Local Immigration Partnership releases a monthly newsletter on immigration and diversity-related news and often shares cultural events.