Our local newspapers will print a story on your event if you send a media release. A media release (news release) is a document that explains your event.

You can use the following steps to write a media release and contact the local newspapers:

  • How do I know? If you want to know if your event can be placed within the paper, call the newspaper.
  • Write everything down.
  • Put the basic information about your event onto paper. Do not get too detailed. Keep it simple. Use the W5 rule (or the five W's) to make sure you have covered everything- who, what, when, where, and why.
  • No need to write anything flowery, just stick to the facts. Always include a contact name and as many ways of reaching you as possible (home phone, business phone, cell phones or email.)
  • Tell them who you are, what you are planning, and ask how best to get the information to them. E-mail is usually the best option, fax will do, or you can drop it off in person.

Handy Things to Remember:

  • Do not just show up - Never drop something off without calling the paper first

  • Last minute club - Newspapers generally have to deal with many last-minute crises; however, if you wait until it is too late, you might not get your story published

  • The Chatham Daily News Community Calendar appears Tuesday to Saturday and the listings are free. You can contact the Chatham Daily News by email at at least two weeks in advance.

Radio Stations

UCB 89.3 FM serves the greater Chatham-Kent area, Windsor, Leamington, Sarnia, and parts of London. They also book interviews during the morning show.

For more information, please contact:

Dale Elliott
Advertising Sales
UCB Canada

If you would like your non-profit event advertised on any station owned by Blackburn Radio, call 519.354.6397. Additionally you can call the local radio station to book an on air interview.


YourTV uses channel 11 to advertise local events. To advertise an event on Channel 11, visit the YourTV website. To have your even posted, choose one of the following links:


  • Visit the Chatham-Kent Events Calendar and press the blue “add event” button located at the top of the page. Fill out the online form to submit the information about your event

  • You can advertise your event on the Chatham Daily News website. Make sure to include detailed information of the event and click on the blue "submit" button

  • Visit the MyCK website

Social Media

Social media is a cheap and easy resource for many companies, organizations, and individuals. There are many forms of social media, not limited too  Facebook, Twitter, InstagramLinkedIn, etc. Most organizations use social media to inform clients and the community about upcoming events and opportunities.

Contact your local organizations and agencies to see if they can contribute to your advertising.

Note: Do not forget to post flyers around your community or office to advertise your event. Please make sure to ask for any permission before posting.