About the CK LIP Newcomer Advisory Group

The Chatham-Kent Local Immigration Partnership (CK LIP) is looking for immigrants and newcomers that are interested in becoming members of the CK LIP Newcomer Advisory Group. This volunteer position offers a great opportunity to participate in an initiative that will contribute to fostering a more welcoming Chatham-Kent.


  • The CK LIP Newcomer Advisory Group will act as a resource for CK LIP Council. The group will be responsible for providing input to CK LIP Council on what newcomers are experiencing in the community, while also sharing ideas on how to create a more welcoming community for Chatham-Kent’s immigrants and newcomers.

Membership and Meetings:

  • The CK LIP Newcomer Advisory Group will be comprised of 10-12 members
  • Members will serve a two-year term
  • The Advisory Group will meet four times per year (or more if required)

Who Can Apply?

  • To be eligible, you must:
    • be a resident of Chatham-Kent
    • be an immigrant or newcomer (was born outside of Canada and moved to Canada)
    • be 18 years of age or older

Who Should Apply?

  • Anyone who is committed to sharing their experience and improving outcomes for all immigrants and newcomers in Chatham-Kent
  • Anyone willing to commit to attending a minimum of 4 meetings per year

How do I Apply?

  • Please complete the following application form here.
  • If you have any specific questions about the CK LIP Newcomer Advisory Group, please contact CK LIP Staff at: cklip@chatham-kent.ca

Applications will be reviewed and accepted by the CK LIP Newcomer Advisory Group Working Group. Responses will remain confidential to this group and Municipality of Chatham-Kent support staff.