Front of Chatham-Kent Civic Centre; a brick building with flagpoles in front and a crest on the wall.

Quick links are listed below to get you started. Use the Law and Government Resource Guide to learn more about the political systems in Canada and your representatives in Chatham-Kent, Newcomer Guides for detailed information, and information on local legal and police services. 

Visit the Chatham-Kent Local Government pages to learn more about municipal government and elections.

Legal Services

Under the Canadian legal system you are protected and have rights to Canadian freedoms and responsibilities. Use the Chatham-Kent Business and Directory to find a lawyer or other legal services by selecting "Legal Services" from the directory, choosing a sub-directory and a community. 

Legal Aid Ontario offers legal representation for eligible low-income individuals and disadvantaged communities. They will work with immigration and refugee hearings.

Chatham-Kent Human Services & Justice Committee will plan services for individuals with serious mental illness involved with the criminal justice system. For more information call 519-436-6100

Police Services

The Chatham-Kent Police Service offers a professional and unbiased service to all residents. Police services are in place to protect you and other residents in Chatham-Kent by preventing crime, enforcing the law, and educating the community. Chatham-Kent Police Services has different units and teams to best serve our community.

You can contact our local Police by calling 519.436.6600. If you are in an emergency, call 9-1-1.

Follow the links to help you learn about police services and their role in Canadian society:

If you have a compliment or complaint about the Police, follow the steps on the Chatham-Kent Police Service website.