A group of youth doing an activity in a park.
School Adjustment Support

Adjusting to a new school and new academic system can be challenging, especially if you are not studying in your first language. Our community provides tutoring services, as well as English as a Second Language assistance.

Tutors are available through Sylvan Learning, but more can be found through First Tutors Canada. Your child’s school may also offer tutoring programs or services.

Language assistance is available for those who are learning English as a second language through the following:

Community Involvement

There are many clubs, groups and programs for youth in Chatham-Kent. They provide great opportunities for young people to meet friends, share special experiences with others and learn new skills. Youth clubs exist across Chatham-Kent with many organizations including the YMCA, Adult Language and Learning for immigrant youth, churches, and community-based and cultural-based youth groups.

Your child may be interested in joining a recreational activity, such as a team sport or a musical art. Developing skills in athletics or the arts opens the door to more community involvement and many special opportunities when your child becomes an adult.

We are also excited to have youth employed within Chatham-Kent. There are resources to help youth discover employment opportunities meant specifically for students and newcomer youth. Advice and other job finding tools are accessible through our work and business section of the portal.

Health and Wellness

Chatham-Kent is a safe community that offers quality health care to its residents with access to family doctors, and special health care providers like dentists and eye doctors. Learn more about the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) to see what services are covered financially through the program.

Beyond physical health, Chatham-Kent has services to support emotional and spiritual health. The following resources can provide you and your child support regarding youth-related difficulties:

Other resources: