You may talk to your bank to send a money order overseas. Or visit Money Mart to send money overseas using Western Union Money Transfers.

Money Mart Locations:

380 Queen Street, Unit 6
Chatham, ON  N7M 2H6

Phone: 519.351.0797

Monday to Friday 9am-8pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday 11am-3pm
Holidays 11am-3pm

419 St. Clair Street
Chatham, ON  N7L 3K4

Phone: 519.354.9818

Monday to Wednesday 9am-9pm
Thursday to Friday 8am-10pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 10am-5pm
Holidays 10am-4pm

These are not free services.

To learn more on how to transfer your money around the world visit: