In Canada, taxes are collected by all levels of our government to run programs and services such as our healthcare, education system, and garbage collection. By learning the basics of taxes you can start planning for your financial future.

The Canadian Revenue Agency has a Newcomers to Canada guide and an online course. The online course helps you learn the basics of the Canadian tax system and how to file a basic tax return.

Personal Taxes

Filing your personal income tax return is very important. The deadline to file your return is April 30th of each year. To learn more about your personal taxes visit Settlement.Org or the Newcomers to Canada - file your first income tax return page. When you file your tax return, you can qualify for tax credit programs.

You can file your tax return online, by mail, or by telephone. A tax professional can help you file your income tax return. To view a list of tax professionals and accounting services available in Chatham-Kent, use the directory on the right to look up Accounting Services.

Tips for Reducing Your Taxes

  • Keep all your rental receipts, as they could be useful for tax purposes
  • Ask the education centre where you are taking courses to issue you a T2202 tax receipt. Note that not all education centres can issue tax receipts
  • Keep all medical receipts (dental, prescriptions etc)
  • If you donate money for charity, keep all your receipts
  • Keep all childcare, child-related programs, and child fitness-related receipts
  • If you made political contributions, keep all your receipts for tax purposes

Property Taxes

Your property taxes are paid to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The collected taxes cover the costs of municipal services such as garbage collection and road maintenance.

The amount of property tax that you pay is based upon your property assessment and current municipal tax rate.

Property assessment is determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, who assesses the value of your property. Municipal tax rates are based upon the services you receive and the municipal budget.

Our community offers numerous tax programs to help with the cost of property taxes.

Business Taxes

If you own a business, you should understand corporate and sales taxes. Individuals who are self-employed must file their taxes by June 15th of each year, and corporations pay taxes six months after their fiscal year-end.

To learn more about business taxes and how to file your corporate taxes visit:

It is important that you keep records of all your transactions, including HST taxes collected from your customers. You should also keep receipts of payments made for business purposes, such as rental of business premises, professional services, insurance, utilities, telephone, cell phone, meals, entertainment, supplies, etc.

To view a list of financial services, and tax professionals in Chatham-Kent, please use the directory on the right.