TJ Stables Acceptional Riders' Program

Chatham-Kent is equipped with many programs and services to help residents with disabilities. We are committed to upholding high standards and adopting new technology to make our neighbourhoods more accessible.

Beyond programs and services, many amenities and structural features, including curb cut outs ramps, are located throughout the municipality to accommodate varying levels of mobility.

There are also accessibility features at the following locations:

  • Kingston Park splash pad and pavilions
  • Erieau boardwalk and viewing deck
  • Blenheim Gable Rees Rotary Pool
  • Children's Treatment Centre accessible playground
  • John D. Bradley Convention Centre
  • Various retail locations (such as Real Canadian Superstore, Parks Blueberries, and Galaxy Cinemas) 

The Municipality enforces mandatory Accessibility Standards Customer Service Training for all staff, along with other organizations.

Programs for Families and Children

For Adults and Families

For Finding Employment

For Newcomers