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Background - The Chatham-Kent Survey of Young People

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On May 14, 2012, the youth retention and immigration progress information report, was presented to Chatham-Kent council. The report identified the need to take a broad picture of the opinions of people aged 15-39 by canvassing those currently living in Chatham-Kent and those connected to the area, but living elsewhere.

A Chatham-Kent survey of young people ran for the month of June 2012 and sought to capture the status, thoughts, and opinions of various age groups (15-17, 18-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34 and 35-39) on matters ranging from education to employment, and leisure activities to perceptions of Chatham-Kent. The survey was widely promoted by a range of community stakeholders, through a poster campaign, and by using traditional media including radio and print. Social media promotion and referrals throughout networks were important components of promoting the survey.

Data was collected using the snowball sampling method - existing study subjects recruited future subjects from among their networks, with the sample group growing like a rolling snowball.

Chatham-Kent Survey of Young People – download the survey in PDF format


A total of 1,092 respondents took the survey, which compares favourably with similar surveys in larger jurisdictions. The support of young people connected to Chatham-Kent is acknowledged and appreciated and is living proof that Chatham-Kent’s young people are intelligent, articulate, and engaged.

  • The 30-34 year age group provided the largest number of responses, followed by 25-29, 35-39, 20-24, and 15-19

  • Females provided 62.5% of the responses

  • The 15-39 demographic uses email, websites, Facebook and face-to-face meetings to receive or access information

  • 76% of respondents cited family as the #1 reason for living in CK

  • The # 1 reason for not living in CK is employment

  • When choosing where to live, employment or self employment opportunities are very important, followed by affordability and great safe place to raise children

  • Dining out is the most popular leisure time activity, followed by movies, exercise & fitness, and shopping

  • The top leisure activities that young people could not do without are related to exercise and outdoor recreation

  • Most age groups feel that CK offers sufficient leisure opportunities

  • In terms of promoting CK to a network of friends, 52.4% choose not to

  • When asked if they would like to stay in CK, of those currently living here, 52.3% responded with a “yes”, and 29% responded “maybe”

  • Of those residing outside CK, 23.7% would consider living here in the future and 38.7% might consider it

  • The most frequently recurring theme across all age groups and topics related to Employment/Jobs/Economic growth/Opportunities

  • Regardless of where they live or what they do in the future, 84.4% of respondents wish to remain connected to Chatham-Kent

In 2013, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent’s Resident Attraction and Retention Division worked with the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent Community Development Department, the Public Health Unit, and TD Canada to launch a community initiative that recognizes the contributions of Chatham-Kent youth and encourages them and the community to find ways to strengthen the Chatham-Kent bond.

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