A couple standing in front of their home in black and white.. The baCK to Chatham-Kent logo in the top right corner.Where did you grow up?

My 2 older sisters and I grew up on a farm in Raleigh Township, just outside of the city. My husband, Daryl, is from Brampton.

What is your favourite Chatham-Kent pastime?

Over the years, my dad would take my family on "Magical Mystery Tours" around Chatham-Kent and the surrounding area. We would load into the van and we would head out on a drive to a surprise destination each time.

I have also enjoyed being a part of the theatre district in the Chatham-Kent area throughout the years. Through attending various shows as a child to participating on and off-stage with different dance and theatre groups, the arts have always held a special place in my life and heart.

What did you do after high school?

After high school I attended several years of post-secondary education in Windsor. My husband, Daryl, and I met there and eventually moved to Brampton for work. From there we travelled to England to teach then returned to Canada to work in London. Finally, we made the move to Chatham to continue our careers and start our family.

What are you doing now?

I am an Early Childhood Educator with the St Clair Catholic School Board, and Daryl is a teacher with the Lambton Kent District School Board and a fitness instructor at the Chatham YMCA. We are excited to welcome our first child into our family in the next few weeks!

What surprised you about your move baCK?

I was surprised at how much I had actually missed about being away from home! After living in various places away from Chatham for so many years, it was refreshing to return to so many familiar sights while having the opportunity to experience some of the new things the city has to offer. For my husband, it has been a completely different experience from living in a larger, more populated and busy city. He is sometimes still shocked at how he is recognized or recognizes others so often around town. That kind of thing just doesn't happen as often in the larger cities.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming baCK2CK?

Keep an open mind, patience, and passion for your dreams. This small town has so much to offer already, and so much promise for great things to come. Daryl suggests getting involved in the community somehow upon your return: when we moved back to Chatham he began training as a fitness instructor at the YMCA and has continued volunteering and working there for the last several years. Through his involvement at the YMCA, he has made many community connections and this really helped him feel at home here.

What is your #1 reason for choosing Chatham-Kent as "home"?

Daryl and I are delighted to be part of such a welcoming community. Planting our roots and starting our family here in CK is based on many things, including more affordable housing and available jobs. Primarily, however, it is because although Chatham is close enough to larger cities if one felt the need to travel, its small, farm-town appeal won us over and still offers more than enough continuously developing amenities and opportunities to keep us content and inspired.